Washington Commanders

Founded: July 9, 1932
Team Owner: Daniel Snyder
Head Coach: Ron Rivera
Team Icon: Sammy Baugh
Overall Record: 617-622-28
Fight Songs: Hail to the Commanders
NFL Championships: 1937, 1942, 1982, 1987, 1991
Stadium: FedExField (1997–present)
Stadium Capacity: 67,717
City: Landover, MD
Previous Stadiums: Braves Field (1932), Fenway Park (1933–1936), Griffith Stadium (1937–1960), RFK Stadium (1961–1996)
Website: www.commanders.com
Washington Commanders

This franchise with the controversial name began north of there present location as the Boston Braves in 1932. They were named the Braves after the Boston baseball club which was not uncommon for football teams to do at the time. Why come up with your own name when you can copy the local ball club and confuse some of the locals into going to your games.

In the second year of existence the owner of the team, George Preston Marshall, hired head coach Lone Star Dietz, a Native-American, and many other Native-American players for his squad. The players disapproved of the name Braves, so Marshall changed the team to be the Boston Redskins instead. Bad taste? Yes would be an understatement. But either way, the team kept the moniker when they moved and became the Washington Redskins in 1937. A lot of things happened in the year 2020, one of them being the shareholders, investors, and sponsors of the club all suddendly deciding it might be time to retire the team's questionable name. This left the organization without a name for a short period in which they were simply known as the Washington Football Team until settling on the Commanders starting in the 2022 season.

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