Tennessee Titans

Founded: August 3, 1959
Team Owner: Amy Adams Strunk
Head Coach: Mike Vrabel
Team Icon: Bruce Matthews
Overall Record: 463-480-6
Fight Songs: Fight Night
NFL Championships: 1960, 1961
Stadium: Nissan Stadium (1999–present)
Stadium Capacity: 69,143
City: Nashville, TN
Previous Stadiums: Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium (1997), Vanderbilt Stadium (1998)
Website: www.titansonline.com
Tennessee Titans

This, in my opinion, is one of those cases where an awesome team name got replaced with a rather blah, ho-hum type. This team used to be the Houston Oilers from 1960 until 1997 when then owner Bud Adams proclaimed the team would be relocating to Nashville. I'm sorry, but little will ever trump that oil rig derrick logo Houston had on their helmets. But time moves on, and so do great logos on football helmets. 

When the Oilers did move to Nashville in the late 1990s, they played two seasons as the Nashville Oilers before Bud Adams held a state wide contest to rename the team. Not only did Adams go with the name "Titans" to reflect heroic and epic qualities he believed described the good people of Nashville, but also chose to call his team the Tennessee Titans, rather than Nashville Titans to better represent the region instead of only one town. The alliteration isn't too shabby either, although I do still miss those Houston Oiler helmets. 

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