Indianapolis Colts

Founded: January 23, 1953
Team Owner: Jim Irsay
Head Coach: Shane Steichen
Team Icon: Johnny Unitas
Overall Record: 543-481-7
Fight Songs: Let's Go You Colts
NFL Championships: 1958, 1959, 1968, 1970, 2006
Stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium (2008–present)
Stadium Capacity: 67,000
City: Indianapolis, IN
Previous Stadiums: Memorial Stadium (1953–83), RCA Dome (1984–2007)
Indianapolis Colts

Most people know that the Colts were located in Baltimore before they moved to Indy. However, that is just part of their storied past. The team originally was located in Miami and was then known as the Seahawks starting in 1946. Unfortunately the team accrued massive debt, and was purchased by a group that moved them to Baltimore. Following some bad years in Baltimore, the team was again sold, this time to the NFL, and moved to Dallas where they were then known as the Texans - but only for the 1952 season. The next year the team was shipped back to Baltimore. 

After the team cashed in their frequent flyer miles from all of this relocation, they were once again the Baltimore Colts from the 1953 season until the early 1980s. Like so many other teams, the Colts got their nickname from a "name-the-team" contest. The monicker "Colts" was chosen to pay homage to the rich tradition of horse breeding and racing in the area. But as we all know, they didn't stay in Baltimore. Twenty years after again becoming the Baltimore Colts, they relocated to Indianapolis in 1983, and decided to stand pat and not change the name this time. 

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