New York Jets

Founded: August 14, 1959
Team Owner: Woody Johnson & Christopher Johnson
Head Coach: Robert Saleh
Team Icon: Joe Namath
Overall Record: 414-527-8
Fight Songs: Jets Keep Sailing Along
NFL Championships: 1968
Stadium: MetLife Stadium (2010–present)
Stadium Capacity: 82,500
City: East Rutherford, NJ
Previous Stadiums: Polo Grounds (1960–63), Shea Stadium (1964–83), Giants Stadium (1984–2010)
New York Jets

The original name of the Jets team was the New York Titans, called this because there was already the New York Giants, and as owner Harry Wismer put it - "titans are bigger and stronger than Giants." Three short years after the franchise began, it went bankrupt and was sold to a new ownership group. The new team was at the time known as the Gotham Football Club, Inc.

Ultimately the owners didn't like the name "Gothams", because it could be shortened to "Goths", and Goths are not nice people. Also they have a habit of dressing in all black, wearing heavy eye-liner and listing to The Cure. They instead decided to call the new team the "Jets" because at the time the United States was entering the space age, and also the stadium they were playing at was located between JFK and LaGuardia airports.

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