Miami Dolphins

Founded: August 16, 1965
Team Owner: Stephen M. Ross
Head Coach: Mike McDaniel
Team Icon: Dan Marino
Overall Record: 476-385-4
Fight Songs: Fins
NFL Championships: 1972, 1973
Stadium: Hard Rock Stadium (1987–present)
Stadium Capacity: 64,767
City: Miami Gardens, FL
Previous Stadiums: Miami Orange Bowl (1966–1986)
Miami Dolphins

The original owner of the Miami franchise wanted to have his team based in Philadelphia, and imagine the Philadelphia Dolphins for a moment. OK, they probably wouldn't have gone with Dolphins if they stayed in Philly. The AFL commissioner at the time talked the ownership group out of this plan as there was already the Eagles in Philadelphia, and that they should instead move to South Beach as there was no team in southern Florida at the time. 

Just like so many others, the group held a "name-the-team" contest to come up with a nickname for the new football squad. Out of almost 20,000 entries to the contest, nearly 600 people suggested "Dolphins" as the team name. Joe Robbie, owner of the team, said he liked Dolphins as the name because as he stated, "The dolphin is one of the fastest and smartest creatures in the sea.”

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