Cleveland Guardians

Founded: 1894
Team Owner: Larry Dolan & Paul Dolan
Manager: Terry Francona
Team Icon: Bob Feller
Overall Record: 9,592-9,144
AAA Minor League Affiliate: Columbus Clippers
World Series Titles: 1920, 1948
Stadium: Progressive Field (2008–present)
Stadium Capacity: 34,830
Previous Ball Parks: Jacobs Field (1994–2007), Cleveland Stadium (1932–1933, 1936–1993), League Park (1900–1932, 1934–1946)
City: Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland major league baseball team has a long and storied history, and started out with numerous names including the Blues based on their uniform color in the early 1900s, the Molly Maguires after their manager Deacon McGuire, and the Naps which was for their star player and manager Napolean Lajoie. Once Lajoie cut ties with Cleveland the old ball team was in need of a new moniker.

Soon after Nap Lajoie was a memory to the club, they settled on Indians for their new nickname. Some say this was inspired by the Boston Braves World Series success of 1914 in which Cleveland wished to emulate. Some other accounts say that the name was a tribute to Louis Sockalexis in that the team was referred to as Indians while he was with the franchise. What we do know for sure is that the team decided very recently to update their moniker and call themselves the Guardians starting in 2022. This is a refernce to the Art Decco statues which adorn the Hope Memorial Bridge nearby Progressive Field which are known as the Guardians of Traffic.

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