Seattle Seahawks

Founded: June 4, 1974
Team Owner: The Paul Allen Trust
Head Coach: Pete Carroll
Team Icon: Steve Largent
Overall Record: 374-350-1
Fight Songs: 12th Man Anthem
NFL Championships: 2013 201.. doh! Just 2013.
Stadium: Lumen Field (2002–present)
Stadium Capacity: 68,740
City: Seattle, WA
Previous Stadiums: The Kingdome (1976–1999), Husky Stadium (2000–2001)
Seattle Seahawks

This franchise in the northwest was named thanks to a "name-the-team" contest held to allow new fans the opportunity to name their new favorite football squad. Some of the more than 1,700 unique entries included Pioneers, Lumberjacks, Seagulls and Skippers. Around 150 people mailed in the name Seahawks which came out victorious. It was also the name of a Seattle minor league hockey team during the 1950's, so certainly stirred up some nostalgia among the locals.

Your next question should be what exactly is a Seahawk? I'm glad you asked. A Seahawk is another name for an Osprey. What is an Osprey? I'll tell you. An Osprey is a fierce hawk whose main diet is fish. That all being said, I kind of wish they went with the Seattle Lumberjacks. 

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