Pittsburgh Pirates

Founded: 1882
Team Owner: Robert Nutting
Manager: Derek Shelton
Team Icon: Roberto Clemente
Overall Record: 10,625-10,547
AAA Minor League Affiliate: Indianapolis Indians
World Series Titles: 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971, 1979
Stadium: PNC Park (2001–present)
Stadium Capacity: 38,747
Previous Ball Parks: Three Rivers Stadium (1970–2000), Forbes Field (1909–1970), Exposition Park (II) (1891–1909), Recreation Park (1884–1890), Exposition Park (I) (1882–1883)
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Website: www.mlb.com/pirates
Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh baseball club signed two players off of the Philadelphia Athletics roster in 1890 that the Athletics had meant to place on their reserve list. A Philadelphia reporter wrote that the Pittsburgh team had "pirated away" the two players. 

The sports columnist's words inspired Pittsburgh to go with Pirates as their nickname, and possibly continue to steal other team's property. Not sure about that last part, but again proving if you're a sports writer around the year 1900 you may be able to influence a team's moniker with your written word.

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