Los Angeles Dodgers

Founded: 1883
Team Owner: Guggenheim Baseball Management
Manager: Dave Roberts
Team Icon: Jackie Robinson
Overall Record: 11,123-9,891
AAA Minor League Affiliate: Oklahoma City Dodgers
World Series Titles: 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, 1988, 2020
Stadium: Dodger Stadium (1962–present)
Stadium Capacity: 56,000
Previous Ball Parks: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (1958–1961), Roosevelt Stadium (Jersey City, New Jersey) (1956-1957), Ebbets Field (Brooklyn) (1913–1957), Washington Park (II) (Brooklyn) (1898–1912), Eastern Park (Brooklyn) (1891–1897), Washington Park (I) (Brooklyn) (1884–1890)
City: Los Angeles, CA
Website: www.mlb.com/dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers

This team started out in Brooklyn way back in 1883 and has gone through a plethora of nicknames. They were known as the Athletics and then the Grays before changing to the Bridegrooms in 1896 because a handful of players got married that year. Checks out. Other names they used were simply the Grooms, Superbas, Robins and the Rhubarbs. Alrighty I threw that last one in there, to the best of my knowledge they were never known as the Rhubarbs, but probably wouldn't have surprised you if they had been. Sounds like a good old-timey baseball name. 

Speaking of the old-timey days, there were these transportation contraptions called trolleys that were installed in the streets of Brooklyn in the 1890s which caused pedestrians to 'dodge' them while walking in the streets, and these folks were dubbed 'trolley dodgers' by clever newspaper writers of the time. The team took notice, liked the name and called themselves the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers starting in 1911, and shortened it to Brooklyn Dodgers in 1932. The name stayed with the team when it relocated across the country to Los Angeles in 1958, which, along with the Los Angeles Lakers gives them a moniker derived in a distant land.

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