Chicago Bears

Founded: September 17, 1920
Team Owner: Virginia Halas McCaskey
Head Coach: Matt Eberflus
Team Icon: Walter Payton
Overall Record: 783-610-42
Fight Songs: Bear Down, Chicago Bears
NFL Championships: 1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963, 1985
Stadium: Soldier Field (II) (2003–present)
Stadium Capacity: 66,944
City: Chicago, IL
Previous Stadiums: Staley Field (1919–1920), Wrigley Field (1921–1970), Soldier Field (I) (1971–2001), Memorial Stadium (Champaign) (2002)
Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears began their existence known as the Decatur Staley in which they were founding members of the American Professional Football Association. Two years after they formed, they moved to Chicago to be in a larger city in hopes of attracting bigger crowds and more popularity. They remained the Staleys as a nod to the team's sponsor, the Staley Starch Company.

Star player George Halas purchased the team a year after they relocated to Chicago and moved their home games to Wrigley Field. Halas wanted to change the team's name, and as was custom at the time thought about calling his team the Chicago Cubs after the baseball team in hopes that Cubs fans would support the football team as well as their favorite baseball club. He instead decided to go with Bears as the team name due to football players larger stature than their baseball counterparts.

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