Washington Nationals

Founded: 1969
Team Owner: Lerner Enterprises
Manager: Matt Williams
Team Icon: Bryce Harper
Overall Record: 3,527-3,789
AAA Minor League Affiliate: Syracuse Chiefs
World Series Titles: nada
Stadium: Nationals Park (2008–present)
Stadium Capacity: 41,418
Previous Ball Parks: Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (2005–2007), Olympic Stadium (1977–2004), Hiram Bithorn Stadium (2003–2004), Jarry Park Stadium (1969–1976)
City: Washington, DC
Website: www.washington.nationals.mlb.com
Washington Nationals

Washington has had various baseball teams that seemed to toggle between being known as the Senators or the Nationals. The latest two teams before the current installation were the Senators, and both relocated. The first to become the Minnesota Twins in 1961, and the second moved and became the Texas Rangers in 1972.

The Montreal Expos relocated to Washington in 2005 and it was a foregone conclusion that it would change its name upon arrival to either the Senators or Nationals in tribute to the region's past clubs. Nationals won out, possibly because they were afraid if they called themselves the Senators again the team would move just like the last two times.

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